Music Videos : Commissioned animated music videos for clients as well as my own. I enjoy working on these. If you would like to commission me to create your music video, please email me at

MadLolZ : A collection of cartoon comedy sketches featuring weird and wonderful characters. These cartoons include surreal and occasionally satirical humour. There are a lot of puns in them too.

Short Films : These tend to be more serious or action packed short cartoons. Again, some are commissioned but most are my own work.


Gifs : Short looped animations created frequently. The Gifs are available for download or to share in social media.

Eye to Eye Watermark


Glitch Out : Animated Series about a teenage boy who has the power to “Glitch Out“ reality around him like a glitch in a video-game uses his powers to destroy the dystopian dictatorship of the future earth. I am still working on the pilot episode.