Pitch Bible

Pitch Bible

Log Line

A teenage boy who has the power to “Glitch Out“ reality around him like a glitch in a video-game uses his powers to destroy the dystopian dictatorship of the future earth.



Glitch Out is a long running boy’s battle comic and animated movie series akin to One Piece or Dragon Ball Z.


The story is set within “the” universe on a floating planet/space ship hybrid called Earth Tree Empire. Earth Tree Empire flies through space stealing other planet’s citizens and absorbing all the nutrients from their homelands, leaving their homes completely decimated. The ruler of this Empire is a vicious immortal psychic woman called Queen Hex.


The story follows a boy called Zero One and his girlfriend: Sasha Rae on their freedom fighting mission to take down the empire.


Sasha was a prisoner on the moon that floats above Earth Tree Empire and houses all of the Empire’s misfits. Queen Hex performs a cull every year of the prison population on the moon in front of a live TV audience. Sasha was the first person to stand up to Hex and Sasha even managed to attack Hex before narrowly escaping the Prison with her life. This caused the vein Queen much embarrassment and now Sasha has the highest bounty on her head of anyone in the whole Empire.


Zero is an orphan who grew up on a Potion Hunting Vessel. He initially had the dream to become a potion hunter: (to go to faraway lands and collect dangerous ingredients to make potions to cure the sick). He met Sasha Rae who moved there while she was in disguise and he instantly fell in love with her, partly because she was an outsider like him. He discovered from Sasha that Potion Hunting was really just a front for a massive operation to create drugs to keep the populace docile.


Now the duo go on adventures as they try to reach their ultimate goal of destroying the dictatorship that has ruined the lives of so many beings.


Zero’s “Glitch Out” powers awaken during moments of extreme stress when he is able to warp reality around him to gain an advantage in tough situations.


During their journey Sasha and Zero help out lots of strange creatures in many varied locations, who are often being oppressed by elements of the regime.


When travelling from place to place Sasha and Zero must remain hidden from all the surveillance around them.


Zero and Sasha discover that the main leaders of the Empire each have in their possession an orb called a Glitch Orb, there are thirteen in total. Sasha and Zero decide to try to collect these Glitch Orbs for themselves to strip the bad guys of their power. Every time they collect one of these Glitch Orbs they are initially absorbed into the world that exists inside it to undergo a trial, if they manage to succeed in the trial then the orb becomes theirs but if they don’t then they will die within it and their souls will be trapped inside the orb forever.


As the series moves forward the couple gain a freedom fighting crew of colourful characters to help them.