Zero Noughty Character

Zero Noughty

Zero Noughty is a 16 year old boy at the beginning of the story. His birth date is August the 4th 2989. His blood type is AB-Negative. He was born on the royal potion hunting vessel and has lived there all his life at the beginning of the story. He’s 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighs 125 pounds. His hair colour is ginger and his eye colour is blue. He’s left handed. His voice is low pitched and his accent is middle class british.He has large almond shaped eyes and good posture. His ethnicity is causasian.

He has what appears to be scars all over his body but they are actually birth marks. They look as if he has been cut all over.

Zero is very intelligent and thirsty for knowledge but he never did well in education at school because he is rebellious and doesn’t like following dictatorial orders (especially when he is given no logical reason to follow them). He teaches himself a lot by reading books. He is very learned about the universe and Earth Tree Empire but because all the books he’s read about Earth Tree are basically propaganda to persuade people that the empire is great he has an idealised view about it. He wants to become a real hero and a great adventurer but at the beginning of the story he’s lived a somewhat isolated life because he’s never left the Royal Potion Hunting vessel. He loves the idea of travelling and experiencing Earth Tree and other planets first hand. His main goal is to live life freely and experience as much of the universe as he can in his life time.

When Zero was a baby his father: Macbeth disowned him and made him live alone. His father suspected that Zero was the baby of another man so he shunned Zero’s mother who later died in child birth.